Frequently Ask Questions

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Q - Can I have more than one Assessment Centre account?

A- Yes you can. However, we have used the concept of Workspaces to allow you to have multiple Assessment Centre subscriptions under a single account or log-in.  As a user, you can seamlessly move between Workspaces while keeping clients from one Workspace separate from another.


Q- What tests are included?

A- Please visit the "Packages" page to see the current list.


Q- How do I access the assessment results?

A- When the client has completed the assessment there will be a “view results” button next to the assessment on the dashboard.  Click on the button to access the results that can be seen on the screen and/or downloaded as a pdf.


Q- Will you be adding other tests to the Assessment Centre?

A-  Yes.  We will be adding additional tests to the Assessment Centre over time and welcome user suggestions.


Q- Do I have to assign an assessment to a client?

A- No, you do not need to assign an assessment to a client. Assessments can be taken completely anonymously.


Q- Can clients complete the tests in my office or do I have to email them a link?

A- You can administer the tests in person using any device with internet access. You can also send the client a link to as assessment or you can send the a code that allows them to access the assessment on the Assessment Centre website.


Q- Can I create my own assessment battery using tests from the Assessment Centre?

A- Using the Template option you can create an assessment battery that can be used for specific clients or assessment purposes. 


Q- Can I repeat tests over time to track progress?

A- Yes, you will be able to use repeated measures over time to track progress.