About the Assessment Centre

The Assessment Centre, brought to you by the creators of Client Management Systems (CMS) and the Provider Portal, offers a convenient solution for mental health providers. We have gathered various assessment tools from the public domain and made them accessible in a single, user-friendly digital platform.

Are you tired of spending money on expensive pay-per-use psychological tests? The Assessment Centre aims to provide mental health professionals with affordable access to a wide range of assessment tools. Whether you prefer to have your clients complete the assessments in your office or remotely at home, our platform offers easy administration, automatic scoring, and helpful narrative summaries of results. Rest assured that our digital environment prioritises safety and security. With a fixed monthly cost, you and your team can enjoy unlimited access to a variety of valuable psychometric instruments.

There are three ways to access the Assessment Centre:

1. If you already use Client Management Systems (CMS) for your ACC billing, simply request your CMS Supplier to create an account for you. CMS Premium users automatically gain access to the Basic Subscription on the Assessment Centre.

2. Access to the Standard Subscription on the Assessment Centre is included in the paid subscription of the Provider Portal.

3. Alternatively, you can subscribe as an individual through the Assessment Centre website.

Sign up today to enjoy a free trial and experience the benefits of the Assessment Centre firsthand.

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